5 biggest gamblers in the world

Some people have never been at a casino in their life, most people have gambled a few times, but only select few hundred of players gamble so big that casinos do everything they can just to get them through the doors of the house. Here we will talk about the biggest 5 gambling whales.

Kerry Packer – one of the richest gamblers in the world

An Australian billionaire who is one of the largest players of the media business in the land down under, Kerry Packer is also known as the King of Whales. A normal blackjack bet for him is 450 thousand dollars and he is known for leaving million-dollar tips to waitresses and staff. A popular story told in casinos is that Kerry Packer once bet 25 million dollars on four numbers in a single roulette hand and lost everything.

Terrance Watanabe – one of Las Vegas whales

Terrance Watanabe is another high roller gambler who does not get a chance to gamble anymore because of his love for casinos. A former millionaire, Watanabe is known as one of the biggest casino losers of all time, as he lost a whopping 127 million dollars in Las Vegas just in 2009. This unlucky Las Vegas gambler is currently being sued by Harrah casino that loaned him 14.7 million dollars during one of him games. The gambler maintains that the casino acted illegally by going out of their way to get him drunk and keep him at the table and even giving him medication to relieve pain and keep the gambler playing.

Zhenli Ye Gon Las Vegas loss

This whale gambler is known not only for his huge casino wins and losses but also for being one of the largest players in Mexico’s meth business. Before he was arrested in 2007, Ye Gon managed to lose over 120 million dollars at Las Vegas casinos. An urban legend has it that a casino once gave this businessman a Rolls Royce as a consolations prize to keep him happy.

Akio Kashiwagi – high roller gambler

A Tokyo-based property investor, this Vegas whale would often fry to the sin city to bet tens of millions of dollars at Las Vegas casinos, he even lost 10 millions of dollars in one night at a casino owned by Donald Trump in early 1990’s. This gambler was later stabbed and killed, leaving over 9 million dollars of gambling debts.

Fouad al-Zayat gambling whale

Even though Fouad al-Zayat is a well-known gambling whale in casino circles, this businessman prefers to stay out of media attention as much as possible. However, some of the details of his gambling hobby became public when in 2007 he lost a legal battle with one of London’s largest casinos and was ordered by the court to pay the casino 2 million pounds. The Syrian businessman lost over 37 million dollars in that casino over the previous decade and was able to get out of paying the debt but publicly said that he will never gamble at a London casino every again.

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