5 things we found out from blackjack dealers on Reddit

Blackjack dealers actually want you to win

Since dealers work for casinos it seems logical to many people that they would want players to lose. However, it turns out that blackjack dealers have nothing to gain or lose no matter what the outcome of the hand is, and most dealers actually want you to win unless you’re being rude or unpleasant, of course. In fact, if you ask a dealer for help, they will most likely give you some useful tips to help you win the game.

Should you tip your casino dealer?

When it comes to blackjack casino tips, there’s a controversy – nobody can really agree on the issue. One side claims that dealers provide a service to players, much like waitresses or valets do, therefore, you should always tip your dealer, especially if you score a big win. The other side argues that dealers are simply doing their job and there’s no need to tip them. In the end, it all comes down to what you believe is right.

Dealers don’t get to keep all of their tips

You often hear stories about someone winning tens of thousands of dollars at a casino and how that person tipped their dealer a few grand, which makes being a casino dealer sound like a dream job. However, the majority of Las Vegas casinos make dealers pool their tips, so even if a dealer gets a huge tip, they will only get a fraction of that money. One Vegas casino dealer only knew of one small casino in the city that allowed dealers to keep their own tips for the night.

A blackjack dealer can make lots of money from tips

According to Vegas dealers on Reddit, you can make quite a lot of money on tips. So much, in fact, that tips can become your primary source of income and your wage will be a nice bonus on top. For instance, one dealer claimed that you can make anywhere from 200 to 250 dollars in tips in a single day of being a Las Vegas blackjack dealer.

You can get a job on the Las Vegas Strip with less than a year of experience

It is popular belief that getting a job as a dealer at a Las Vegas casino is quite difficult, however, that’s not true. You won’t be able to land a job on The Strip with no dealing experience, but you can get a part-time dealing position in a smaller Las Vegas casino off The Strip, get six to twelve months of experience and then move on to working at one of the famous Las Vegas casinos. As long as you practice dealing and learn to deal other games in addition to blackjack, you will be just fine.

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