5 fascinating facts about the game of craps

Craps is loved by people all over the world for the fun nature of the game and the fact that the outcome is totally random – you can win even if you’re playing for the first time ever. Here are 5 interesting things about the game of craps.

When did craps originate and how did craps get its name?

The game of craps was invented in medieval times, at first the game was called Hazard. The game spread around the world with immigrants from France and Great Britain who brought the game to the United States and other colonies of those countries.

So why is craps called this way? The name of the game comes from the French word crapaud, or frog. Most people agree that this name probably came about because of the way craps players would squat to shoot craps when there were no tables to play on. In fact, the craps table was only popularized in the 1900’s.

How many people run a craps table?

Whenever you walk into a casino it is pretty easy to spot a craps table since usually it’s surrounded by lots of people. Because of the way the table is set up, a casino needs to have four employees at each craps table, so there are fewer tables compared to blackjack or poker.

What was the longest craps dice roll ever?

Even though this number sound impossible to anyone who has ever played craps, the longest streak of the game ever has lasted a whopping 4 hours and 18 minutes. What’s even more fascinating is that it was played by an elderly lady from New Jersey who didn’t even know how to play the game! Her craps dice roll consisted of 154 rolls, the chances of this happening were one in 1.5 trillion.

The largest craps win ever

When it comes to shooting craps some people don’t fool around and while most people consider craps a fun and easy casino game to play, several lucky players have won astonishing sums of money playing craps. For instance, Archie Karas turned his 17 million dollar net worth in 40 million by frequently and successfully playing craps over several months in the 1990’s. Karas would often bet 100 thousand dollars or more on a single dice roll. However, one of the largest craps bets ever recorded was placed by William Bergstrom in 1980 when he bet a shocking 777 thousand dollars on the don’t pass line and won the game.

What’s up with number seven in craps?

If you have any experience with the game of craps or craps players, you probably know that there are lots of superstitions surrounding the game. A lot of players believe they will have luck if they put a penny under the craps table or blow on the dice before shooting dice. However, the most widespread beliefs have something to do with the number seven. Many players love the number, others hate it and even go as far as refusing to say the word “seven” at the craps table. Most of these superstitions stem from the fact that it statistically more likely that you will roll a seven than any other number, as more dice combinations result in a seven as the outcome.

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