3 hardest board games in the world

Go – the most difficult board game in the world

Go is not just the most difficult game ever, it is also the oldest board game in the world, as it originated in China more than 5500 years ago. The rules of the game are quite simple but the game takes years to master as there is an infinite number of possible moves for a player and ways the game may unfold.

Go is played by two people, one plays with white stones and the other with black. The goal of each player is to capture as much territory on the board as possible. The board starts out empty and each player has an unlimited number of stoned. The players take turn to place the stones on the board at line intersections. Each player tries to surround as much space with their stones as possible, and prevent the other player from capturing territory. If a player surrounds the territory with the other player’s stones, they are captured. The game is ended when the winning player believes that he can’t make any more moves to capture the territory and players count the empty spaces in their captured territory and captured stones to determine the scores. If you’re intrigued – you can trying playing the most complex board game online.

Bridge – the most difficult card game

The game of bridge has first appeared in Russia over 300 years ago and today it is popular all over the world with many claiming that it is the hardest card game.

Bridge is played by four players who play in two teams, the players in one team need to sit opposite each other. Every set of card dealt goes through 3 stages of the game called the auction, the play and the scoring. In the first stage each player describes the hand they were handed, the winners from the first stage then try to claim the tricks they need to fulfill the contract stated in the first stage and lastly the players’ cards are scored.

Diplomacy – hardest strategy board game

Diplomacy is a relatively new game compared to our previous two examples, it was released in 1959. This is a board game that uses a map of some parts of the world from 1914, the time of World War I. Interestingly, Diplomacy doesn’t use dice, instead, players have to use their negotiation skills to create and betray alliances with other countries. The countries that players in this game control include England, Russia, Italy, Austro-Hungary, Trance and other superpowers of that time. Two to seven people can play at a time and their goal is to conquer and occupy large cities crucial to the countries they are in. Each country begins the game with two armies and one navy, but Russia has two armies and two navies and Britain has one army and two fleets.

The game is played around two seasons during which players build come up with strategies and build alliances or try to ruin their enemies by misinforming the rest of the countries. Players can also command their military units to move around on the map to conquer territory or support other players. Once the year comes to an end, the players calculate their scores.

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