How to cheat the lottery? A look at history

Is it possible to cheat the lottery?

You might not know this, but lotteries are not a recent invention – they have existed for centuries, helping to fund early development of America, construction of Washington DC and other enterprises. Today, all but 7 states in the US have various types of lotteries regulated by the government. Lotteries bring in 20 billion dollars in profits, which is more than the profit of the music, adult video and movie theater industries combined. Over the centuries many people have tried to win the lottery by cheating and while most of them have failed, a few succeeded.

Nick Perry lottery cheating scandal

The Nick Perry case is no doubt one of the most famous instances of lottery cheating in the US. Perry was a TV host who announced lottery numbers every evening. He came up with an idea to cheat the lottery by replacing the balls with homemade weighted balls, which would cause those to come up more often than other, lighter balls. He conspired with a few TV station and lottery officials to replace the ball, and on 24 April of 1980 the number 666 was drawn. Unfortunately for Perry, government officials became suspicious because a large number of people started betting on 6’s and the scheme was discovered with Perry ending up in prison.

Chinese lottery cheats

In 2007 an attentive Chinese man named Zhao Liqun noticed that after the numbers for the China’s Welfare Lottery were drawn, there was an about 5-minute period of time when you could still place bets even though the numbers were already announced. The man used this loophole 3 times to win more than 4 million dollars but he was soon caught by the government and sentenced to life in prison.

Milan Lotto scandal

The Milan Lotto scandal was not an isolated instance, it was more of a time period when influential people found a way to beat the lottery. In the 1990s Milan Lotto used children volunteers who would pick the balls with the lotto numbers. The children were blindfolded so they would not be able to choose the numbers they pick, but a group of scammers tampered with the balls to make them feel different to touch and then bribed the children to peek through the blindfold or choose specific balls by touch. The scheme cost Milan’s government over 174 million dollars and several people were put in jail after it was discovered.

Lottery algorithms

Those who play the lottery often hear about people who have solved the lottery secret or came up with an algorithm to determine the winning numbers of the lottery. Unfortunately, the lottery is often called a tax on the poor not by chance. It is not possible to determine the winning number or cheat the lottery is some other way, it is simply a game of chance and that chance is extremely small, much smaller than the chance of winning in a casino. Your only chance to win the lottery is pure luck.

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