5 best lucky charms for gambling

When it comes to gambling most of us can use all the luck we can get. There are hundreds of different symbols and objects around the world that different cultures consider to be lucky. Below you will find a list of the most interesting good luck charms for gambling from all over the world. Try out a few of these lucky charms the next time you’re at a casino and who knows, maybe you’ll become the next multimillionaire.

A ladder as a gambling lucky charm

A lot of people consider ladders to be the opposite of a good luck charm and you might even be careful not to walk underneath a ladder but in Ancient Egypt ladders were actually believed to bring good luck. Ancient Egyptians used to place them on the tombs of their dead, as it was believed that the ladder would help their spirits find their way to heaven.

Cat’s eye amulet for gambling luck

Before you start worrying about the cats’ well-being, you need to know that in this case the casino lucky charm actually refers to a cat’s eye stone, not to actual eyes of a cat. People in India strongly believe that if you carry a cat’s eye stone with you, you will always have good fortune. Many successful gamblers carry this good luck charm with them as they believe that it protects them from financial losses and helps keep their finances stable. Plus, throwing a small stone into your pocket is easy.

Tumi – the lucky symbol from Peru

Tumi is not just a lucky charm, it is actually the official national symbol of Peru, which says a lot about how seriously this good luck charm is taken. A tumi is a special axe that was used in ceremonial sacrifices. It has a very distinctive shape and a semi-circular blade. People in Peru and around the world hang this axe on the walls or doors in their home to protect the house and bring good fortune to those who live in it.

A toad with three legs – a weird Chinese lucky charm

While this lucky charm is not something you might want to display on your person since it’s pretty ugly, in China it is believed to bring good luck and to draw prosperity and wealth to its owner. The charm in called Jin Chan, and Chinese people often place it in their homes or places of work to keep the good luck coming.

Fascinus – an Ancient Roman amulet

Even though the shape of this good luck amulet for winning money is a bit unorthodox, after all, it does look like a penis, it was believed by Ancient Romans to have a tremendous ability to protect one from the evil and from those who wish bad luck on the person.

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