5 strange laws in Las Vegas, Nevada

To many people Las Vegas is a lawless land of gambling, drinking and fun, but did you know that this city actually has many weird laws? A lot of things like gambling are legal in Las Vegas, but there are also many myths about what you can and can’t do in the city of sin. Here’s our list of the 7 weird Las Vegas laws that will help you make sense of what’s true and what’s not.

Las Vegas drinking laws

While Las Vegas drinking laws are not lax when it comes to drinking age, they are very liberal when it comes to drinking outside. In Las Vegas it is completely legal to drink in public, so if you want to take a walk down the Strip sipping beer you certainly can. However, you are not allowed to have drinks in glass bottles outside, but many casinos will simply give you a plastic cup for your drink. You also can’t have an open container of alcohol in a car, just like in many other states, so if you want to take an Uber from one casino to the next, you need to either drink up quickly, or throw away your beer.

Exotic animals in Las Vegas

If you’ve always dreamed of having lots of exotic pets, consider moving to Las Vegas. Here you are allowed to keep many unusual animals as your pets without having to get any sort of a permit. For instance, you can get an elephant, a tiger, a wolf or a monkey in your home without notifying anyone. There are restrictions on some other animals, including crocodiles and coyotes, but the laws are still much more lax than those in other states.

Topless pools in Las Vegas

While you are not allowed to be naked in public in the majority of Las Vegas, there are a few havens for those who like going topless. There are several pools open only to adults that not only allow, but encourage women to come to the pool topless. These include The Artisan Hotel and Sapphire. If you choose to visit one of these pools, pay close attention to the rules and signs at the pool, as there are only certain areas where you are allowed to go topless.

Las Vegas prostitution laws

Even though you might have heard that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas and that there are prostitutes on The Strip, it is simply not true. Yes, in Nevada counties where less than 700,000 people live can have brothels where prostitution is allowed, but Las Vegas is located in Clark County, which has a population a lot larger than the threshold. Even though some people might try to convince you that it’s legal and get you to pay for sex, prostitution in any form is illegal in Las Vegas.

Feeding the homeless is illegal

While you may think that giving some water or a sandwich to a homeless person is a nice and correct thing to do, it is not allowed in Las Vegas and there are good reasons for that. Feeding the homeless can cause many issues, including an increase in trash, and therefore pests and diseases, and it can actually hurt the homeless person, as they don’t have fridges or access to clean running water. If you really want to help, donate food or money to official organizations that will be able to help homeless people in an effective and safe way.

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